A Married Couple

The Married Couple

"Quite simply one of the greatest movies I have ever seen"

               Clive Barnes
               New York Times

          Exploring the emotional devastation of a modern marriage in conflict, this extraordinary and controversial documentary was first released in 1969. The film presents the lives of Billy Edwards, an upwardly mobile advertising copywriter, his wife Antoinette, who craves individuality and fame, and their three-year-old son Bogart.

    "Piercing and unforgettable, a rich, many levelled experience,"
        Saturday Night Magazine

          By turn exquisitely painful and hilariously funny, this uniquely intimate portrait of a couple whose marriage is collapsing reveals the deep sense of loneliness that exists at the heart of their relationship, as well as the daily A Married Couple -- Poster power struggles between them.

    '...an emotional Cinerama ride in a roller-coaster seat.'
        Maclean's Magazine, 1969.

          Directed and produced by Allan King, this compelling cinéma vérité film keeps the audience inextricably involved.

    'a perfect model of documentary film-making.'
        Time Magazine, 1970.

    'a riveting example of the occasional greatness of Canadian filmmaking.'
    John Doyle, Broadcast Week, 1996.

    "King creates a drama that, in its utter nakedness, makes John Cassavetes Faces look like early Doris Day. Cameraman Richard Leiterman and Soundman Christian Wangler spent ten weeks capturing 70 hours of totally undirected action. From this King distilled 100 minutes of polished film that shows none of the palsied camera work and uneven sound that plagues most cinéma vérité filming. The emotionally exhausting result achieves the ultimate artifice of the documentarist, the feeling that it was somehow made without a camera."
        Time Magazine, 1969.

Featured at Director's Fortnight, Cannes, 1970

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